Hope In Our City began in 2014 with the idea to love our refugee neighbors in Denver, Colorado.  We learned that we had very little understanding of the courage and sacrifice refugees have gone through to make it out of the devastation in their home country.  Sadly, we learned that many of them have not been given a warm welcome to the United States.  We saw, as citizens of this country, that we were part of this problem.

It was through getting to know refugees that we began to see them as brothers and sisters, friends and countrymen.  As a result, we knew the best way to break down the misguided fear many in this country have toward refugees was to simply tell their stories.

Our hope is that you will gain confidence to welcome and love the foreigner living among you. 


Here are some of the specific goals we want to accomplish:

*  to give a voice to a population who are often unheard or misunderstood

*  to diminish the fear so prevalent in our country

*  to promote understanding in the telling of another's story

*  to value the courage and authentic journey of each storyteller

*  to find commonalities between us

*  to change the conversation currently happening in the US

We also seek to tell the stories of those engaging and working with refugees

*to tell the story of the organization or individual

*to highlight programs that are working

*to bring stories to the general public to inspire them to do the same